Hokulani Dance Group


   Welcome to our website and I hope that you will enjoy the updates and photos as you register to become one of our members.

     'Hokulani' is Hawaiian for "Stars from heaven".

     The Hokulani dance troupe was established in 2005 with 6 ladies dedicated to spread their passion of Polynesian entertainment to the Vanuatu community.

  Our dance school has now grown to over 40 students.  In 2012, we started accepting Pikininis from the ages of 4 and above.  It was a challenge but the reward was worth it when we did our first concert on Saturday 6th October 2012.

     Hokulani is an only female dancing group.  However, in 2015 we started with our first 3 male dancers.

     We perform to various Polynesian melodies and have diverse performance options to meet your entertainment requirements.

     We perform regularly at corporate shows, festivals, resorts, weddings and birthdays.

Thank you again for being part of Hokulani.

Lisa Guillain